Truy cập của bạn có thể bị lỗi hoặc không tìm thấy nội dung

A Board Meeting is an annual or bi-annual event where the board of directors of a company reviews its past performance and engages in strategic discussions, and adopts actions plans to help support the expansion. The board of directors typically scrutinizes financial reports, human resources, management and other areas in order to decide what the company's future plans are in different departments or expand into new territories.

The agenda is designed before the board meeting to ensure a thoughtful discussion on the most important issues as well as a clearly defined timeline for each item. A boardroom solution such as Lifesize's OnBoard ensures that discussions are focused, streamlined and maximize the time available for each discussion.

Start with the most important points and begin to work backwards. This will stop members from being overwhelmed by long reports and items which are not relevant to the discussion. Ideally, the majority of the meeting should be devoted to strategy and discussing ways to move forward.

After the board has decided on a plan, it is time to vote. The voting process is conducted by secret ballot and the Chairman overseeing the process and counting votes. Transparency and objectivity are essential as well, which is why it's essential to have a neutral person watching the voting process. It's also beneficial to have an independent board member who's not associated with your company.